our history

Robertaebasta was established in Milan in 1967 by Roberta Tagliavini, a creative and talented woman with an endless love for objets d’art and timeless design pieces. Roberta has always sought to make a meaningful contribution to the world of art and culture. Her passion and eclectic taste are what defines Robertaebasta’s reputation as a point of reference for the Decorative Arts and Design of the 20th Century.

Roberta has successfully passed on her passion and her dedication to the field of art and design to her son, Mattia Martinelli. Over the course of his 25-year career, Mattia has been instrumental in developing the gallery’s international network and in nurturing new relationships with clients. Mattia’s extensive expertise and integrity have allowed him to become a consultant for the Decorative Arts at the Milan Court of Justice.

Robertaebasta is more than just a name, it is a world where art, creativity and history meet to highlight the outstanding beauty of pieces. The Robertaebasta collection comprises the finest pieces of Decorative Arts and Modern Design, to offer the very best of our shared past. Through its objects, works of art and design pieces, Robertaebasta tells a thousand other stories.

Robertaebasta is delighted to be part of the following associations: