the london gallery

Located in a beautiful Georgian building on Pimlico Road, London’s Design mecca, Robertaebasta London was established in September 2017. The gallery sits in a unique context, where design and antiques blend in together. Nicknamed by Sotheby’s “the new kids on the block”, the gallery's ethos perfectly embraces the cosmopolitan nature of the city.

Robertaebasta London displays a unique collection of eclectic pieces of modern Italian and French design, thus bringing an unconventional approach to London's finest design district. As Roberta’s love for the arts goes beyond Italy and France, the London gallery comprises works and pieces by the likes of international artists and designers, such as Karel Appel, Vladimir Kagan and Manolo Valdés, just to name a few.

Over the years, Robertaebasta London has forged unique relationships with private clients, interior design firms and architectural practices and has been widely praised for its original selection of pieces of exceptional beauty and exclusivity. Telling a thousand other stories is Robertaebasta’s mission, thus giving you an opportunity to delve into, revaluate and appreciate our creative past and history.